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AP shows up Error when Trying to add a new Contact Person to a Vendor

An "unknown" error message appears when any AP user tries to add a new contact person to any vendor (see attached). As a result, we cannot add contacts to vendors - this prevents the team from adding new vendors onto the AP.
Sam Westmoreland 10 days ago in Bugs 0 Needs review

view current stock while picking item

We think it would be useful to be able to see the current stock while grabbing an item. This allows you to see if the stock according to the system actually matches the physical stock. As it is now, when you have clicked through in the "pick menu"...
Guest 6 months ago in Picking 2 Needs review

Tick Box for "Show Items Located in Another Device" Option

Can the "show items assigned to another device" text be changed to a permanent tick box on the main picking screen? Currently, once the "show items assigned to another device" option has been selected, it remains active until the user either compl...
Sam Westmoreland 3 months ago in Picking 0 Future consideration

How can I delete a stock location individually without having to delete my whole storage device.

when I go to stock locations under stock with the device locked I cant find where to delete individual stock locations. can anyone help?
Archie Thompson about 1 month ago in Stock Management 0 Needs review

Edit Barcode Assignment via "Manage Item"

Can it be possible to edit the assigned barcode number at the Shop Floor Interface through managed items? If this is missed at the Item assigned stage, it is not possible to complete this again at the SFI, where it is easier to scan the barcode in...
Sam Westmoreland 6 months ago in Stock Management 2 Future consideration

advanced filter where it only shows what is in a location assingment with _ in stock which can be specified.

as we have a lot of tools that are on the device but not assigned to a location this would benefit us as it would save time from us having to check firstly if the tool is even in the device and then what quantity. so you would could specifiy that ...
Archie Thompson 4 months ago in User experience 2 Needs review

Enable a "Refurbished" Item to hold the same location as a "New" or "Used" Item

Problem: When serialized items return from service, they automatically trigger as "Refurbished" items when returned on a service order. This is a good feature, however, due to the Qty of serialized items in a vending machine, there are not enough ...
Sam Westmoreland 7 months ago in Receive and restock 0 Planned

Show who has restocked an item in the same way you can see the latest picks.

You would be able to tell who last restocked the item if the item that was restocked was incorrect. If this was added next to latest picks in the same format but just for latest restocks. This would be useful
Archie Thompson 6 months ago in User management 2 Needs review

Be able to reserve certain items and give a reason and a time then automatically removed once time has lapsed.

Sometimes we find ourselves programming using a certain item that is currently in stock (but not on reorder or isn't quick to restock) and we need it but it gets used by someone else when they could have used a different tool or odered more earlie...
Archie Thompson 3 months ago in User experience 0 Future consideration

Show Current Available Stock & Max Restock Qty Per Location when Restocking an Item

It would be great if the SFI showed the qty currently available in a location when restocking. This would allow the user to carry out an active inventory at the time of restocking to ensure the correct amount of items are present in the location. ...
Sam Westmoreland 7 months ago in Receive and restock 2 Future consideration