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Allow Restocking of Accidentally Vended Consumable Consignment Stock Items

On occasion, the scenario has occurred when someone has accidentally vended an incorrect consignment item or an incorrect qty of a consignment item. In these cases, it is not possible to restock these items as "New", and not be charged again when ...
Sam Westmoreland 5 months ago in Picking 1 Already exists


I artiklar så hade det varit bra att kunna se vilket datum artikeln är tillagd i systemet. Detta kan även vara bra att se på fler ställen
Guest almost 2 years ago in Admin portal 0 Future consideration

Auto Lock Devices for a Particular Time Period

In the cases where production runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no official "non production time". Therefore, there can be a lag between SFI transactions and these transactions being synced to the AP. For example, if a Consumption repor...
Sam Westmoreland 6 months ago in Admin portal 5 Planned

Allow restock to max without purchase order

T1905-0029"For customers using "Restock without purchase order", either add a button "Restock to max" that works with selection/multiple selection in Data management -> Items, or make it possible to import/export item amounts via excel. Current...
From @CRIBWISE 8 months ago in Receive and restock 0 Future consideration

Restricting Items by "Own Group"

When restricting items during the cost allocation, it would be good to be able to restrict items by "Own Group". For example, if all items are assigned to predefined (or self defined) own groups: "Milling Tools" & "Turning Tools", under the 'm...
Sam Westmoreland 10 months ago in Cost allocation 0 Future consideration

Supplier view - order detail - "Update ETD" must be optional

No description provided
Julie Hu 3 months ago in  0 Planned