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Tick Box for "Show Items Located in Another Device" Option

Can the "show items assigned to another device" text be changed to a permanent tick box on the main picking screen? Currently, once the "show items assigned to another device" option has been selected, it remains active until the user either compl...
Sam Westmoreland about 2 months ago in Picking 0 Future consideration

Be able to reserve certain items and give a reason and a time then automatically removed once time has lapsed.

Sometimes we find ourselves programming using a certain item that is currently in stock (but not on reorder or isn't quick to restock) and we need it but it gets used by someone else when they could have used a different tool or odered more earlie...
Archie Thompson about 2 months ago in User experience 0 Future consideration

advanced filter where it only shows what is in a location assingment with _ in stock which can be specified.

as we have a lot of tools that are on the device but not assigned to a location this would benefit us as it would save time from us having to check firstly if the tool is even in the device and then what quantity. so you would could specifiy that ...
Archie Thompson 2 months ago in User experience 2 Needs review

Be able to set item search as the first page that comes up when I open Cribwise

Everytime I open Cribwise I have to click through the tabs to get to items as it is the only page I need to go to 90% of the time so it would save me small bits of time everytime if it could open onto the item search page.
Archie Thompson 2 months ago in User experience 2 Future consideration

CA restrictions applied to spare part selected from item list

TopDesk reference: N/AReported by: Markus GörgApplication version: 1.49--- When CA has restrictions to item are set, spare parts of the item allowed by the CA can be still picked even if they are not allowed by the restriction once spare part is s...
Markus Görg 3 months ago in  0 Planned

Quantity in reports can be used for filtering only for expanded instances

TopDesk reference: T2311-0099Reported by: Rasmus Hörstedt Application version: 1.49--- When trying to filter quantity via inline filters in reports, only expanded instances are considered. See attached video. Severity: minor - only UI issue Steps ...
Rasmus Hörstedt 3 months ago in  0 Planned

Supplier view - order detail - "Update ETD" must be optional

No description provided
Julie Hu 3 months ago in  0 Planned

Beställning till max när andra artiklar triggar en order.

En möjlighet att lägga så att vissa artiklar beställs om de är under max när en order genereras. Exempelvis, på måndag så triggar ett villkor en beställning på 3st pinnfräsar och de beställs, det finns ytterligare 3storlekar som ligger 1st över be...
Mikael Koivisto 3 months ago in Item management 0 Needs review

Being able to view empty locations

We think it would be useful to be able to see empty locations when you create a new item. That way you don't have to physically check which location is empty in the device.
Guest 4 months ago in Item management 1 Needs review

Be able to add hyper links into the description when adding an item.

Allows us to not have to fill in all the details off an item and someone to immediately be taken to the desired item.
Archie Thompson 4 months ago in Inventory 0 Needs review