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Status Needs review
Categories User management
Created by Archie Thompson
Created on Oct 19, 2023

Show who has restocked an item in the same way you can see the latest picks.

You would be able to tell who last restocked the item if the item that was restocked was incorrect. If this was added next to latest picks in the same format but just for latest restocks. This would be useful

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  • Archie Thompson
    Feb 28, 2024

    The problem with that Mikael is that you cant search by the item name so it would take tons of time to go through it all. It does have its uses though for checking what actions a certain person has done in a certain time frame.

  • Mikael Koivisto
    Nov 22, 2023

    You can see it in eventlog under administration. Chose restock. But that will show every restock made in a date intervall.