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Scheduled Script Rules - Fill to Max without Considering "In Production" Items

I would be great to have a "Fill to Max" option for scheduled scripts which does not take into account items "in production". Problem: Given that items vended are technically not controlled, there is a possibility that the durable items picked are...
Sam Westmoreland 6 months ago in Purchase 1 Shipped

Assembly can be set to be ordered directly to satellite

TopDesk reference: N/AReported by: IPSApplication version: 1.50--- When assembly is in satellite stock, its assignment to satellite device can be set as Order directly to satellite. For normal items it means that item is not added to transfer list...
From @CRIBWISE 3 months ago in  0 Shipped

Storage modules are not ordered correctly by name or address

TopDesk reference: -----Reported by: Emil AlmqvistApplication version: 1.49--- When having a device which has a storage device with multiple storage modules, the ordering by name is wrong.
Emil Almqvist 3 months ago in  0 Shipped

Missing validation on itemlocationassignment during inventory

TopDesk reference: T2311-0140Reported by: Rasmus Hörstedt Application version: 1.50--- When deleting item location assignment of an item which is in running inventory, the device stays locked after the inventory and can't be unlocked. Severity: me...
Rasmus Hörstedt 3 months ago in  0 Shipped

Value type "Text" to not be required when organization and department have already been chosen

When choosing what organization an item is being picked for the Text field appears even though an organization has already been chosen. It would be great if the text field only appears when organization has not been chosen Since we have a lot of d...
Marcus Olsson 4 months ago in Cost allocation 1 Shipped

Adding a free text box into a List value within a CA

On top of being able to pre-set a series of values in a list in a CA, it would also be nice to enable a user to input a unique value in the CA list via the SFI. For example, if a job was to be completed outside of the standard accepted jobs (e), t...
Sam Westmoreland 10 months ago in Cost allocation 1 Shipped

Scanner driver (edgeBroker.exe) leaks memory on the devices

TopDesk reference: T2022-11111Reported by: and their AC100)Application version: 1.43.x--- Customer reported slow device (AC100) with unavailable RAM. Analyze showed that the memory was full of (probably) memory leaks from process edgeBroker.exe wh...
Patrik Grönman over 1 year ago in Bugs 0 Shipped