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Be able to add hyper links into the description when adding an item.

Allows us to not have to fill in all the details off an item and someone to immediately be taken to the desired item.
Archie Thompson 4 months ago in Inventory 0 Needs review

Please tell us when you have added new features so that we can use them.

I dont know if you guys already do this but it would be a useful thing to do as i dont know what new things are now available.
Archie Thompson 4 months ago in Users 1 Already exists

Allow Users to "View" items that are restricted to them, but not "Pick"

Would it be possible, when restricting an item via a PAG, to have a selection box per item restricted to "allow restricted users to view item"? Sometimes operators mistake being "restricted" from an item (i.e. not being able to see the item during...
Sam Westmoreland 4 months ago in Picking 0 Needs review

Consignment Selection Tick Box During the Assigning Stage at the SFI

Could there be a consignment tick box at the stage of assigning an item into the vending machine? Currently, the user has to go back to the AP every time an item is assigned to ensure it is ticked as consignment, with some items inevitably being m...
Sam Westmoreland 4 months ago in Assign 2 Needs review

Door Reopens when a Serialised Item is Inventoried (qty has to be greater than 1)

Problem: When inventorying a serialised item, the vending machine will find the item as usual & open the door. Once the user has carried out the inventory and closes the door, the system will "load" then the vend door will reopen and no messag...
Sam Westmoreland 4 months ago in Bugs 0 Needs review

The ability to use A-Z when picking

Under Devices and general information if possible set up "if a device should display the items in A-Z, Z-A or most picked".
Marcus Olsson about 1 year ago in Admin portal 1 Planned

Picking amount in SFI should be the same as Purchase package quantity for an item

When an SFI-user picks an item, they often pick a whole box of inserts but sometimes they just need one piece. For example: Most users picks a whole box of inserts and they will have to enter 10 pieces manually. this is problamatic cause it happen...
Guest 9 months ago in Picking 4 Future consideration

Summing Picked Item Qty & Cost per Line in Reports

Would it be possible to produce a report where each line in the report reads both a sum of the transaction qty and cost to aid with consignment reporting purposes? Currently when making a standard report, you cannot group by both Qty Picked & ...
Sam Westmoreland 5 months ago in Reporting and dashboards 0 Future consideration


It would be nice if I could also see the service order on the pick list, so the user can see that the item is for service..
Peter Scharff 10 months ago in Picking 1 Needs review

Ability to See Items Already Selected in Restricted Items when Selecting New Items for Restriction

Problem: When needing to add more items to a restricted section of the CA Hierarchy, it does not show which items out of the selection list have already been selected for restriction. E.g., if 200 items have already been restricted out of 500 tota...
Sam Westmoreland 5 months ago in Cost allocation 0 Future consideration