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Status Future consideration
Created by From @CRIBWISE
Created on Jul 3, 2023

Allow restock to max without purchase order

T1905-0029"For customers using "Restock without purchase order", either add a button "Restock to max" that works with selection/multiple selection in Data management -> Items, or make it possible to import/export item amounts via excel.

Currently the "Items" import/export function doesn't have any amounts, and the "Item Location assignment" is lacking a human readable item name/ID, so none of them can be used to easily update assets.

It was xxx yyywho wanted the ability to restock a whole lot of items to max easily. On the SFI: Sort of like a reverse pick list where you can select multiple items at once, and then push the "restock to max" button and then locations will open for placing items.

On the admin portal I guess he would like to generate a "restock order" without having to create a purchase order first"

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