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Tick Box for "Show Items Located in Another Device" Option

Can the "show items assigned to another device" text be changed to a permanent tick box on the main picking screen? Currently, once the "show items assigned to another device" option has been selected, it remains active until the user either compl...
Sam Westmoreland about 2 months ago in Picking 0 Future consideration

view current stock while picking item

We think it would be useful to be able to see the current stock while grabbing an item. This allows you to see if the stock according to the system actually matches the physical stock. As it is now, when you have clicked through in the "pick menu"...
Guest 4 months ago in Picking 2 Needs review

Remove Pre-Selected Serial Number Confirmation Screen when only 1 Serialised Item is Present in that Location

Issue: When picking a Serialised Item, the user takes the item from the location, and on closing the door, a message appears asking the user to select the Serial Number taken. In the cases where there is only 1 serialised item in the pocket, the s...
Sam Westmoreland 4 months ago in Picking 0 Needs review

Filter Settings during Picking Flow to Remain Active when "Going Back" from an Item

Would it be possible to ensure the filter pathway is still active if a user was to "go back" from an item they have selected? Currently, if the user uses the new filter system in the 1.48 release to navigate to a selection of similar items, when t...
Sam Westmoreland 5 months ago in Picking 2 Needs review

Allow Users to "View" items that are restricted to them, but not "Pick"

Would it be possible, when restricting an item via a PAG, to have a selection box per item restricted to "allow restricted users to view item"? Sometimes operators mistake being "restricted" from an item (i.e. not being able to see the item during...
Sam Westmoreland 4 months ago in Picking 0 Needs review

Picking amount in SFI should be the same as Purchase package quantity for an item

When an SFI-user picks an item, they often pick a whole box of inserts but sometimes they just need one piece. For example: Most users picks a whole box of inserts and they will have to enter 10 pieces manually. this is problamatic cause it happen...
Guest 9 months ago in Picking 4 Future consideration


It would be nice if I could also see the service order on the pick list, so the user can see that the item is for service..
Peter Scharff 10 months ago in Picking 1 Needs review

Allow Restocking of Accidentally Vended Consumable Consignment Stock Items

On occasion, the scenario has occurred when someone has accidentally vended an incorrect consignment item or an incorrect qty of a consignment item. In these cases, it is not possible to restock these items as "New", and not be charged again when ...
Sam Westmoreland 5 months ago in Picking 1 Already exists