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Status Needs review
Categories Picking
Created by Sam Westmoreland
Created on Oct 23, 2023

Remove Pre-Selected Serial Number Confirmation Screen when only 1 Serialised Item is Present in that Location

Issue: When picking a Serialised Item, the user takes the item from the location, and on closing the door, a message appears asking the user to select the Serial Number taken. In the cases where there is only 1 serialised item in the pocket, the serial number on the message prompt is pre-selected, but the user still has to click confirm.

Problem: If the user does not click "confirm", and the screen times out, the vending machine defaults to the item still being in stock - which in most cases is incorrect.

Solution: If only 1 serialised item is present in the location, please remove the prompt screen altogether. For when more than one SN'ed item is present in the location, please keep the current set-up where the vending machine asks the user to confirm which item has been taken. In the even this section is not completed before time out, can an email prompt be active so a predefined person can be notified of who, what and when the transaction took place so it can be rectified. When returning the item, please keep the current process and continue to show the user what Serial Number is expected back into that pocket, and ensure the user clicks "confirm".

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