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Stock Management

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Enable a "Refurbished" Item to hold the same location as a "New" or "Used" Item

Problem: When serialized items return from service, they automatically trigger as "Refurbished" items when returned on a service order. This is a good feature, however, due to the Qty of serialized items in a vending machine, there are not enough ...
Sam Westmoreland 7 months ago in Receive and restock 0 Planned

Consignment Selection Tick Box During the Assigning Stage at the SFI

Could there be a consignment tick box at the stage of assigning an item into the vending machine? Currently, the user has to go back to the AP every time an item is assigned to ensure it is ticked as consignment, with some items inevitably being m...
Sam Westmoreland 6 months ago in Assign 2 Planned