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advanced filter where it only shows what is in a location assingment with _ in stock which can be specified.

as we have a lot of tools that are on the device but not assigned to a location this would benefit us as it would save time from us having to check firstly if the tool is even in the device and then what quantity. so you would could specifiy that ...
Archie Thompson 7 months ago in User experience 2 Needs review

Be able to reserve certain items and give a reason and a time then automatically removed once time has lapsed.

Sometimes we find ourselves programming using a certain item that is currently in stock (but not on reorder or isn't quick to restock) and we need it but it gets used by someone else when they could have used a different tool or odered more earlie...
Archie Thompson 7 months ago in User experience 0 Future consideration

Be able to set item search as the first page that comes up when I open Cribwise

Everytime I open Cribwise I have to click through the tabs to get to items as it is the only page I need to go to 90% of the time so it would save me small bits of time everytime if it could open onto the item search page.
Archie Thompson 7 months ago in User experience 2 Future consideration